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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 10

I had a lot of trouble whit this piece. I had a friend challenge me to write something with a cyberpunk vibe and it ended up being much more difficult for me than I expected. I’ve only read one or two cyberpunk books in my life and that was years ago. And to top it off, the prompt didn’t easily lend itself to that sort of story (at least not in my mind). I actually ended up writing three entirely different stories, starting from scratch each time, which not only destroyed my two-hour rule but has given me a massive backlog of pieces I need to write to catch up.

My goal is to get Day 11 out tonight, and then Days 12 and 13 out tomorrow early in the morning before I have to take care of social obligations at night. I’ve also got some notes on my book, so I need to start working on that as well this weekend—and I really want to finish reading Magician: Apprentice, so I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. Anyway, finally, here’s Day 10:

Prompt: “The kingdom was like a quilt.”


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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 9

Another piece I had a lot of trouble editing down, and one I definitely want to revisit and give a good solid edit/rewrite on a weekend when I can spare more than two hours to pull the piece together. The character of Cam changed a lot in my head as I wrote the piece. At first, I’d pictured him as a young man with a cool head on his shoulders, but as I got farther into the piece, it made more sense for him to be a grizzled veteran. Overall, while I like the idea behind the piece, I’m not sure I did a good enough job connecting the reader to the character of Cam. I think when I do revisit this short story, I’ll trim out some of the action and focus more on building the character and his relationships with people back home. I could be trying to do too much with so few words, but I think the challenge will be fun, and it will definitely end up being a piece that’s out of my usual wheelhouse. Anyway here’s Day 9:

Prompt: “Third Terra was going the way of First.”


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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 4

Posting Day 4 a little bit late. I actually wrote this yesterday, but by the time I got home the only thing on my mind was sleep and I crawled into bed almost immediately. I had a lot of trouble cutting down Day 4s story to 1,000 words but it was definitely a good exercise and hopefully the story still came across as an interesting read. Anyway, I need to get started on Day 5, so heres Day 4:

Prompt: “Walking back home along the rim of the galaxy…”


Walking back home along the rim of the galaxy—” I switched off the radio before the song hit full swing and glided the car to a stop. I wasn’t a fan of dealing with anything Guild related, there was always just a bit too much security for my taste, but what the client wanted the client got.

Locking the car behind me, I flipped on the small black Scrambler attached to the back of my neck, crossed the street, and ducked my way into the bank. Literally. Solarians are about half the size of Earthlings, and everything—including their doors—shows it. Finding a car big enough to carry me had been an ordeal in and of itself. I can’t wait to get somewhere normal sized.

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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 2

Today’s story is…probably not very good. I started writing, and before I knew it a small love story popped into my head—which is something I normally avoid writing like the plague. Once I realized I was shying away from writing the story because writing it made me feel uncomfortable and I’m not very good at it, I forced myself to sit down and get words on the page. It’s also in space which is a new one for me. Anyway, the only way to get better is to practice and push outside of your comfort zone (which is easier said than done), so here’s Day 2:

Prompt: “He twisted his fate between his fingers…”


He twisted his fate between his fingers. Easily spinning the cold steel pen around his thumb Tye stared down at the form. He’d been pondering over the choice for the last few days and now, just a few minutes away from the deadline, he felt stuck. His name, age, and one little checkbox. Those three things on the one-page form would literally dictate everything in his life from this point on.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing I – Homework 1

So after years of not writing pretty much anything, I decided to take an intro writing course to try and get myself back into the habit of writing every day (sometimes my days as an English major in college feel so far away). Anyway, I’ve realized I’ve developed a massive sense of anxiety about people reading my writing, so I decided that I’d post my homework every week just to sort of get me over those jitters before turning them in at class. Most of the pieces will be of the flash fiction variety (500-100 words) and about an assigned topic.

This week’s topic was more broad than what I imagine future topics will be. In a nutshell, it was to find a news story and to use it as a jumping off point. I ended up using this one  about brain scans being used to pick people out of crowds and just sort of went with it. Anyway, there’s not much else to say so without further ado, here’s my first homework assignment: