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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 9

Another piece I had a lot of trouble editing down, and one I definitely want to revisit and give a good solid edit/rewrite on a weekend when I can spare more than two hours to pull the piece together. The character of Cam changed a lot in my head as I wrote the piece. At first, I’d pictured him as a young man with a cool head on his shoulders, but as I got farther into the piece, it made more sense for him to be a grizzled veteran. Overall, while I like the idea behind the piece, I’m not sure I did a good enough job connecting the reader to the character of Cam. I think when I do revisit this short story, I’ll trim out some of the action and focus more on building the character and his relationships with people back home. I could be trying to do too much with so few words, but I think the challenge will be fun, and it will definitely end up being a piece that’s out of my usual wheelhouse. Anyway here’s Day 9:

Prompt: “Third Terra was going the way of First.”