Project Update


687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f6f3071535754722e676966Just a quick, shameless, plug for my first Cocoapod: TFSliderView. I needed to make an animated toggle switch that I could use in a number of locations for an in-house project my dev shop is working on, so I decided to make it into a Cocoapod and share it in case anyone else needed something similar.

It’s built off of POP (Facebook’s animation framework) and, all in all, is pretty simple to use. You can install it with Cocoapods using the following line:

pod "TFSliderView", "~> 0.1.0"

And then you just create a view programmatically (as shown below), and call the toggle delegate methods to do whatever it is you need to when the view toggles:

I still have a list of to-dos I want to get done to make the pod more useful, including the below, but I wanted to share what I have so far.

  • Support for up to four buttons.
  • More convenient init methods to accompany the one monster of a designated initializer.
  • Generic starting values for [TFSliderView new].
  • Allowing each toggle state to have a unique color.
  • Complete documentation.
Project Update

Building a Better Music App: Part 1


In a recent lab at the Flatiron School, we were asked to make a a basic jukebox app. To be honest, it wasn’t anything super impressive. The app simply played a few built in mp3 files that we imported into our Xcode project. Super basic. But it got me curious as to what I could do almost three weeks in at Flatiron. After quick Google search, I came across this incredible iOS Music app concept by Brye Kobayashi. I love the overall design, and the new functionalities he mentioned look super useful. After emailing Brye to get his permission yesterday, I decided to start on trying to make this prototype a reality.


While I’m still a (far) ways off from my final goal, I’ve already managed to put together two basic prototypes that display and play all of the local music on my iPhone. The first draft (pictured right) I managed to do in a few hours last night. And while it’s definitely not the most visually appealing music app out there (not by a long shot), it was a great introduction to the MediaPlayer and AVFoundation frameworks–both of which I’ve found surprisingly intuitive–as well as extra practice in TableViews. Unfortunately the app always started playing on startup, and scrubbing bar at the top wasn’t working and no matter what example I pulled from I couldn’t get it to work. it seems like because the AVFramework is so massive everyone has a totally different answer.