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Bookerly Typora Theme

Bookerly Typora Theme

I decided to try my hand at another theme for Typora, this time using a pair of Google fonts I thought went particularly well together. I incorporated a lot of the same modifications I made to my iA Writer themes earlier today (similar margins etc.) but definitely took far more liberties with the design as I wasn’t trying to mimic anything in particular. Headers are red and all caps, while I added indentation to every paragraph to give the layout a more “booky” feel.

I haven’t sat down and tried to write using it for an extended period of time, but I’m confident Vollkorn (the theme’s main font) will be easy on the eyes even after working on a project for hours at a time.

Anyhow, if the screenshot is to your liking, you can download a zip of my theme here. No GitHub link yet, but I should have one up sometime tomorrow. I’ve also made a few updates to my iA Writer theme if that’s more to your liking. It should be a much closer match to  the actual iA Writer stylings now.

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iA Writer Theme for Typora


iA Writer has been my text editor of choice for years now, it’s simple, fast, and distraction free. It lets me get work done quickly regardless of how long (or short) the piece I’m working is. My one complaint, however, was that it limited me to working on my laptop, which is super inconvenient when I’m at home and feel like working on my Windows desktop. That’s when I came across Typora.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of iA Writer, and admittedly isn’t as polished, it has all the core functions I find myself using most (most specifically Focus Mode), and it works on both Windows and macOSwhich is exactly what I need when I feel like working from my desktop. Furthermore, if you hook up Dropbox sync to iA Writer the two apps play very nicely together. In an effort to make the experience as similar as possible between both of my computers, though, I went ahead and touched up an old Typora iA Writer theme I found on GitHub to more closely match the current version of the app.