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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 10

I had a lot of trouble whit this piece. I had a friend challenge me to write something with a cyberpunk vibe and it ended up being much more difficult for me than I expected. I’ve only read one or two cyberpunk books in my life and that was years ago. And to top it off, the prompt didn’t easily lend itself to that sort of story (at least not in my mind). I actually ended up writing three entirely different stories, starting from scratch each time, which not only destroyed my two-hour rule but has given me a massive backlog of pieces I need to write to catch up.

My goal is to get Day 11 out tonight, and then Days 12 and 13 out tomorrow early in the morning before I have to take care of social obligations at night. I’ve also got some notes on my book, so I need to start working on that as well this weekend—and I really want to finish reading Magician: Apprentice, so I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. Anyway, finally, here’s Day 10:

Prompt: “The kingdom was like a quilt.”