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iA Writer Theme for Typora


iA Writer has been my text editor of choice for years now, it’s simple, fast, and distraction free. It lets me get work done quickly regardless of how long (or short) the piece I’m working is. My one complaint, however, was that it limited me to working on my laptop, which is super inconvenient when I’m at home and feel like working on my Windows desktop. That’s when I came across Typora.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of iA Writer, and admittedly isn’t as polished, it has all the core functions I find myself using most (most specifically Focus Mode), and it works on both Windows and macOSwhich is exactly what I need when I feel like working from my desktop. Furthermore, if you hook up Dropbox sync to iA Writer the two apps play very nicely together. In an effort to make the experience as similar as possible between both of my computers, though, I went ahead and touched up an old Typora iA Writer theme I found on GitHub to more closely match the current version of the app.

I ended up switching the font from Courier Prime to Nitti PX, adjusting the colors of both themes, changing the cursor color to the same blue as iA Writer, and fixing focus mode in the night theme. I also fixed the issue of the night theme not loading on macOS. To finish up my Typora setup, I went into Edit -> Substitutions -> Smart Quotes to eliminate straight quotes while I’m typing.

You can either download the themes directly here or from my GitHub. To install them, simply navigate to the themes folder (Typora -> Preferences -> Open Theme Folder on macOS or Themes -> Open Theme Folder on Windows) and drag the files in. Restart the app and both themes should appear in the dropdown.

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