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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 3

I really like the idea behind today’s story. The concept of a “Reminder Ring” came to me after a phone call with my mom and then I sort of took off running after that. I think today’s piece is definitely better than yesterday’s, but still not something I’d call amazing. I’m only three days into the 100 days and I already feel humbled. On the bright side, I’ve already started to reexamine how I write (at least short pieces), and have definitely come to learn that I make much better edits on paper than I do on a computer screen. That being said, I’m going to try my best to print out and read every piece at least once instead of just skimming them after I finish writing them on the computer. Hopefully, this will help me turn out some better pieces. Anyway, here’s Day 3:

Prompt: “There was a ring in his teacup…”


Jon sighed lazily as he checked the clock on the wall across from him. It was already halfway through the day, and he still hadn’t touched the dishes, done the laundry, started his report. or even taken a shower. He sighed again as he looked at the sizeable book on the round breakfast table beside him. “Ugh,” he grunted, “I’ll get started on things after lunch.”

Reaching for the teacup he’d filled with coffee, Jon fingered it for a second. “I thousand probably put dishes at the top of the list,” this had been his last clean cup. Then, he tilted the small porcelain glass back to drain it of its now lukewarm contents. Jon winced as something hard clinked against his teeth. “Ow!” He jerked the cup away to see what had hit him. “What the hell…”

There was a ring in his teacup.

And it most definitely hadn’t been there when he’d filled it.

Plucking the brass colored band out of the bottom of his cup, Jon took a second to examine it. It was, in a word, simple. A perfect circle that looked to have been carved from one large chunk of metal, the ring was sleek, polished, and oddly enough: dry.

Unable to resist, Jon slipped the ring onto his finger and held his hand out in front of him. It was a little big. Or at least, it had been a second ago. Jon’s jaw dropped as he watched the ring slowly shrink until it sat flush with the skin on his finger. In a panic, he tried to pull it off, but it stuck like it had been glued on.

Stop that!” Jon jumped in his seat as a high pitched voice yelped at him.

Hopping out of his chair, Jon circled his head in all directions. “Who’s there?”

Looks like no one.” The same voice answered him after a moment.

“Who’s there?“ Jon asked again, losing control of his voice a bit.

Still no one.” Jon noticed a faint buzz rattling against his finger as the voice spoke again. “You’re a little slow aren’t you?

Jon started at his hand in awe. “No way.”

Yes, way.” Jon felt vibrations travel up his finger. He tried to pull the ring off again, only to find it just as stuck as it had been a moment ago. “Would you stop that? the ring chided him It’s uncomfortable.

“No way!” Jon said again.

You sure like to repeat yourself.

“You’re a ring! You can’t be talking!”

Yet here I am. Talking.” Jon swallowed hard at the ring’s tone of voice.


Grunting in frustration as his finger buzzed again, Jon slammed his hand roughly on the table before heading back to the kitchen. “After you’ve finished the dishes we’ll head back upstairs to move the laundry into the dryer.” The last week had been hell on Earth.

The first-day hadn’t been so bad. Jon had still been so startled at having a telepathic ring stuck to his finger, that he didn’t realize just how annoying it could be to have a voice in your head—especially a snarky one. The second day was when things started to sink in. He’d been woken up promptly at 5 am with instructions to “actually use his gym membership” and the rest of the week was downhill from there. The ring almost never stopped talking. It woke him up if he got more than eight hours of sleep, but also nagged him to get more if he got less than six. It reminded him to drink more water and chided him if he drank too much soda. The onslaught was endless.

“I know, I know!” Jon snapped back at his Reminder Ring as it continued to add things to his todo list. He couldn’t remember what day exactly he’d come up with the name, but it fit. The ring was constantly nagging him, after all.

Don’t give me sass!” the ring shot back at him, its words echoing through Jon’s consciousness. “I wouldn’t have to tell you what needs doing if you’d do it yourself.” It harrumphed at the end of its sentence.

Jon sighed. I’d give anything to have one quiet day to myself.

Rude! You know I can hear what you’re thinking right?” Jon could feel the annoyance in the ring’s voice. “And, the dryer will be done soon. Then we—

“Do you ever stop?” Jon lost his patience, “Like, ever?” He sat down at the breakfast table, “What could possibly be left for me to do? I’ve done dishes, the laundry, even that stupid report!”

Harrumph, I’d add finding some manners to the list but even I don’t have that kind of patience.

“Just shut up!” Jon yelled at his finger as he stood up abruptly and stalked out of the kitchen. “I’m done with this stupid game. I’m taking a shower to clear my head.”


Emerging from the bathroom, Jon flopped on the couch. The ring hadn’t said a word while he bathed, which had made him stay in the shower long enough for his fingers to look like prunes. Looking around the room, Jon took a minute to appreciate the silence. “Oh my god. That was it? A shower? That’s what trapped me in my personal Groundhog Day?” He barked a laugh.

Gripping the ring, he tried to slide it up and down on his finger. It didn’t budge.

You forgot the laundry in the dryer.

Jon’s jaw dropped and his heart sank into his stomach. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

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