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100 Days of Flash Fiction: Day 12

Ive also had this one written for a few days. I gave myself two challenges with this piece. First, no fantasy elements. I wanted to keep this one fiction, but without using anything fantastic in the magical or technological sense.  Second, I wanted to keep it to 300 words. The second challenge ended up being a lot more difficult than I initially thought it would be. 300 words is not a lot when youre trying to tell a complete story, and often I struggle when I’m given 1,000. Overall, though, I’m pretty happy for how the piece came out. I’ve definitely written worse.

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block over the last week but I have Day 13 halfway done so with any luck I’ll have that up tonight, but there’s a good chance that my updates are going to start getting slower over the next couple of weeks as I’ve also started another draft of Messier 51 after getting some notes that are going to require extensive rewriting.

Anyhoo, here’s Day 12:

Prompt: Lancelot, flannel, aeronautics.


Lancelot turned on a dime, its flannel tails flapping in its wake. Liam pulled hard on the string, forcing the kite into a short dive, before rapidly returning some of its slack, shooting it upwards again to catch a breeze and slice through the line of another kite, sending it tumbling down toward the ground. Whirling Lancelot back around, Liam guided the flannel fighter towards another target, this time cutting downwards to snip the enemy free of its string.

It was five minutes into the contest, and he’d already cut down two of the other kites. Liam smiled despite himself. After hours of painstaking practice and construction, he had a kite worthy of the name he’d given it and the confidence to fly it the way it deserved. Today he’d beat Turquine.

Yanking on the string as another kite sailed towards Lancelot, Liam struggled to keep his kite low as a sudden gust of wind tried to carry it back into the enemy’s path. Dancing Lancelot deftly into a downward dive, Liam dodged a second kite that had followed the first. Giving Lancelot more slack, Liam tried to counter the new assailant but missed as Turquine banked quickly to the right.

Bobbing and weaving, Liam could hear his heart pounding as he guided his kite to follow Turquine. Both kites flashed through the sky, dancing atop gusts of wind, each seeking the other’s string. Liam felt beads of sweat roll down his face as he worked his fingers to adjust Lancelot’s course, turning the kite into a flash of red and black as it drove towards Turquine. Liam felt it in his fingers as Lancelot sliced through both wind and string sending Turquine towards the ground.

Liam let loose a victory cry, Lancelot was the last kite in the sky.

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