Writer, cybersecurity consultant, & freelance dev. Weekend social editor for GQ Magazine and Express. Vanity Fair/Flatiron School alum, guitarist, comic lover, tech junkie, & ice cream connoisseur.


From comics and video games to magazines and cybersec.

I spent my formative years either at home in Texas—where I developed a healthy appreciation for writing, comics, and video games—or visiting extended family in Egypt where I learned Arabic (admittedly out of necessity) and cultivated a deep love for travel.

After reaching middle school my love of video games shifted towards a general love of technology, and I began building my own computers while learning how to program with them. I started with basic web development but dove into simple games by the time I graduated high school.

In college, I decided to nurture my love of writing by becoming an English major and interning at Marvel Comics, while simultaneously scratching my technical itch by working for the Office of Information Technology repairing computers and performing other various technical tasks.

After graduating from college, I made the decision to dive headfirst into the world of publishing, working first as a freelancer for Bon Appétit before moving on to serve as the sole digital producer for VF.com. It was here that I first cut my teeth at project management, ensuring that every online piece was written, edited, fact-checked, and provided art before building and scheduling them for release. After a few years at Vanity Fair, I decided to take a position at GQ performing a similar role to my previous one at Vanity Fair, but in a more senior position heading up a small team of four.

It was after my time at GQ that I made my biggest career shift. After years in publishing watching web traffic shift from desktop to mobile devices, I decided to quit my job and head into mobile development. After attending the Flatiron School I quickly got a job at a small dev shop and began creating MVPs for startups.

I’m currently in New York, where I have recieved a Masters in Cybersecurity and work as a freelance editor, writer, and software developer.


A decade of experience in publishing and software development coupled with a Masters of Cybersecurity has provided me a diverse skillset. Here’s a partial list.

  • Digital Production
  • Publishing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Live Streaming (Twitch & YouTube)
  • Content Generation
  • Content Managment Systems
  • Social Media (Paid & Organic)
  • Blogging
  • Proofreading
  • iOS Development (Objective-C & Swift)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Digital Security
  • Web Development
  • All Things Microsoft Office & Google Docs/Sheets
  • Game Development (Unity)
  • C#, C++, C, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, & Node.js

To get in touch, write to [email protected].